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Перевод: windowpane speek windowpane

оконное стекло


  1. He went to sleep as he stood there, clutching his glass, his forehead resting on the windowpane.
  2. Again Fincara's laughter streamed out; it was difficult to bear, and Ruth tried to turn her head away; but in a moment the laughter had melted into song, clear and cold like raindrops tracking a windowpane.
  3. John's face broke into a grin; I could see it reflected in the windowpane.
  4. The tremor of his head, which had begun only lately, had grown more distinct during this conversation; starting low and shuttling up as though following a fly on a windowpane.
  5. Anyway, that was the other thing, it was raining so hard, rattling at the windowpane in the dark even so, I was convinced I'd heard something, and at that hour there's nobody else up except the baker, and he's over here on this side of the Piazza, so I got up to take a look and saw this girl lying there in the rain.
  6. One of the Rottweilers nudges at shards of glass in the bottom of the windowpane.
  7. It's hardly possible to hear, in translation, the way in which the increasing tempo from the initial individual raindrops on the windowpane, to the final, single sound of the rain striking the window, it's difficult to convey the manner in which this is subtly rendered, I think, by length of phrasing, by using adjectives of increasing syllabic length, and so on, and perhaps just in this one particular case erm I, I might just read the passage, very quickly, in French.
  8. With haughtily reassuring windows, tall, regular, gleaming, discreet, and vivid brass bellpulls, and deep steps of extraordinary cleanliness, a poor man might walk here as a Dickensian child put its face to a windowpane.
  9. Thunder rattled the windowpane through which Cardiff was looking and the strobe lights fizzled and flickered yet again.
  10. So, given the current limitations on my mobility, I apply a variation of the same technique, and convey myself, travelling from one silvery globule to another, and thus on to the nearest windowpane.
  11. Somebody singing but the small Ruth, looking up from the rug, didn't like it; the clear trickling notes were like a shiver down her back, like raindrops sliding down a windowpane.
  12. Weber scurried to the ship's blower, and shouted down it in fury, while Katze knelt below the shattered windowpane and took potshots at the dock with his Luger.

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