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Перевод: windows

очи [поэт.]


  1. If driving in town, keep your car doors locked and valuables away from open windows.
  2. Windows
  3. There were some who drove straight on, but most wound down their windows or allowed the clowns on their coaches, had a friendly word and came up with a contribution.
  4. Outside a storm raged; rain lashed against the windows.
  5. It stands on a rusticated arcade, the windows with their mullions and transoms still have their broken triangular pediments and the bays are divided with strapwork of Mannerist design.
  6. He rolled over, and spread his loosened limbs in the bed, he opened windows, he went to the Tate Gallery alone and looked at the dissolving blue and gold air of Turner's Norham Castle.
  7. Make sure all locked windows have a key somewhere nearby, in case the occupant of the room needs to escape.
  9. They heard the diesel engine, the quick rattle of the wheels on rails and then the caterpillar of carriages that rose above the stone walls, the small windows flashing in the sun as they were quickly drawn across their view and gone.
  10. Microsoft is now trying to market Windows as a stepping stone to OS/2, by making it easy for users of Windows and writers of programs for Windows to migrate to OS/2 eventually.
  11. Bales of goods thumped from even blacker openings in the walls into barges at landing stages, and tiers of narrow windows rose upwards with all the hopefulness of blinded eyes seeking light.
  12. The corridor was lined with windows overlooking a central quadrangle.
  13. The most spectacular Strathnaver monuments are the brochs which zig-zag up the River Naver, from the sea at Invernaver, to Mudale, south from Altnaharra; huge, circular, fortified towers, forty feet high, enclosing an inner court some fifty feet in diameter, with double walls, fifteen fret thick, containing galleries and stairs, and windows facing inwards.

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