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  1. The windowsill serves as a file.
  2. Hosanna had retired to the bathroom and was sitting on the windowsill, squat like a buddha, gazing out into the night.
  3. Line up a row of pretty jam jars on the kitchen windowsill and fill them with daffodils, for example.
  4. For instance, Colchicum autumnale (naked ladies or meadow saffron), bulbs of which are available now, will flower if placed dry on a sunny windowsill.
  5. Looking in the mirror that was perched precariously on the windowsill, he combed back the hair that hung over his eyes.
  6. He paused by the windowsill on the way to his desk to peer at an African violet in a pot.
  7. A strip of electrician's tape stuck round both sides of the base to make them waterproof and they're ideal for bringing on any bulbs destined for the windowsill.
  8. To germinate seeds in spring this usually means a light windowsill.
  9. Place in a cold frame or on a windowsill out of direct sunlight, where they will soon root at this time of year.
  10. Here and there the head of a child was seen peering over a windowsill.
  11. A glass case on the windowsill contained a fat stuffed trout, another, on the circular table, a turtle - this certainly not of English provenance.
  12. I immediately put the fern into our hospital, that is on the kitchen windowsill, a position in the public eye where it could be attended to by my of the family.
  13. Take 3in tip cuttings from overlarge plants, and keep in a frost-free greenhouse, conservatory, or windowsill.

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