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Перевод: windpipe speek windpipe

дыхательное горло; трахея


  1. Instantly, Delaney drew back his right hand, stiffened it to chop down as his left hand pulled at the rubber cowl on the man's head, forcing it back, exposing his defenceless windpipe.
  2. Both these action; should help to force the matter up out of the windpipe.
  3. My therapist, Elinor, a man called Graham Young, suspects that the only way forward for me emotionally is to fasten my fingers round your windpipe and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until your face turns black"
  4. Might slit your windpipe for the gain of your house,
  5. This would have been impossible with the yoke-harness, because as soon as the horse begins to pull with it the neck-strap presses on the animal's windpipe and thus tends not only to restrict the flow of blood to its head, but also to suffocate it!
  6. Metal smashed into his windpipe.
  7. At 100 metres (325 feet), a dolphin's lungs are probably completely collapsed - all the air has been forced into the thick-walled windpipe and nasal passages, from where no nitrogen can be absorbed into the blood.
  8. He found his hands full of dry, papery skin which, as he worked his way closer to her windpipe, came up and away like a curtain of strudel dough.
  9. Anoxia may occur because the mother is over-anaesthetised, or because the umbilical cord is wrapped round the windpipe.
  10. Tossing this first layer of skin aside, he attempted to burrow deeper, only to discover yet more skin, though whether this was the outer skin that had slithered back through his advancing fingers, or a whole new layer was not apparent, but it was pretty clear that finding her windpipe, let alone getting hands round it and squeezing it, was a two-person job.
  11. The noise thus created is thought to be passed up the animal's windpipe and into the sinus cavities of the skull, where it resonates to produce the purring sound.
  12. This time it wasn't so much a reflex action, an attempt to remove something nasty somewhere down his windpipe, as a deliberate social signal.
  13. It gets into your feet, swims along your veins, surfs through your heart into the lungs, crampons its way up the rings of your windpipe, skis down your gullet and settles in your duodenum to suck your blood.

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