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Перевод: windproof speek windproof

ветронепроницаемый; ветрозащитный


  1. I've been a fan of combining fleece with a windproof layer, ever since I discovered those lightweight waterproof cags worked best under a pullover for cragging.
  2. W.L. Gore, of Gore-Tex fame, clearly thought this wasn't enough and set about developing a lightweight, breathable windproof lining designed primarily for fleece and wool.
  3. Design: lightweight breathable and windproof overtrousers.
  4. Its pores are non-aligned so it is windproof, it will breath and transmit sweat.
  5. Where roof-spaces are not well ventilated (as occurs when a roof is reclad with a more windproof and watertight construction), the close-textured nature of the concrete tiles which contrasts with the relative porosity of clay tiles may encourage the formation of condensation on their undersides, encouraging dampness and rot in stagnant roof-spaces.
  6. This jacket combines a Gore Windstopper lining with Malden Polartex 200 (equivalent to Polarlite) to produce a stylish, windproof jacket designed for general and outdoor use.
  7. A lightweight Polarlite fleece has been lined with a windproof nylon Pertex shell.
  8. It has a smooth, soft feel to the skin, is fully breathable, windproof and easy care.
  9. It is likely to be waterproof and windproof and there is additional protection should someone be foolish enough to fire a shot in the direction of the ferrets' container while bolting rabbits.
  10. The Torridon jacket is rugged, totally windproof and features the famous Gore-Tex fabric which allows body moisture to escape but does not allow water in, keeping you dry in all conditions.
  11. That's why GORE-TEX fabrics are waterproof, windproof and breathable.
  12. During the fibre pile decline, attempts were made to cover the pile with windproof material, but none of the resulting garments captured the interest of the consumer.
  13. The customer is supposed to enter the shop, see a young man or woman in a front fastening, reversible, all-weather, windproof, machine-washable smock and think to themselves, "Hmmm, that guy/chick looks pretty groovy in that smock.

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