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Перевод: windscreen speek windscreen

переднее стекло; ветровое стекло; козырек


  1. Policeman Steve Bedford spotted the car as he patrolled Ringwood, Hampshire, and slapped a ticket on the windscreen.
  2. What they found was that the wipers cleared the windscreen perfectly well.
  3. This follows protracted negotiations with broadcasters, who wanted to install the "fly on the windscreen" cameras which filmed the Thatchers in 1983 and 1987.
  4. She fumbled, looking for the windscreen wipers in the unfamiliar car.
  5. The windscreen wipers sounded asthmatic, fighting a losing battle against the insistent rain.
  6. However the windscreen of his aircraft was shattered by crossfire from other Stukas, and with the radiator damaged, he crash-landed the badly-damaged Fulmar on the carrier's deck; neither he nor his TAG, P.O. (A) R. Carlisle, suffered injuries.
  7. Means that such things as doors, windows and wings are parts and such things as wing mirrors, windscreen wipers and roof racks are accessories.
  8. In practice, many school children had already been long integrated into industrial production: the windscreen wipers or the ubiquitous Dacia 1300, for instance, were often assembled by fifteen-year-olds in Transylvanian Sibiu.
  9. "If someone comes out with a car that looks like ours, that has the same windscreen, a roll bar in the same position and so on, that did not happen by accident.
  10. The car occupants did not move at first, a rising condensation choked the dying ventilation, the inside of the windscreen visibly clouded to reveal nothing more than a general silhouette of the two figures in the front seat deliberating their actions.
  11. has windscreen wipers
  12. There sat the poor thing with its windscreen smashed, its bonnet concertinered and the engine block on the front seat.
  13. He peered out through the windscreen and side-windows, scouring the surrounding countryside.

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