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Перевод: windshield speek windshield

переднее стекло; ветровое стекло


  1. His long spine ached, and his eyes felt hot and flat against the windshield, like eggs broken on to a rock.
  2. We needed a new propeller, windshield, wing struts, rudder and other parts to repair the fabric.
  3. With a sinking knowledge of the inevitable, Manville accepted the fact that one spare wheel and a set of spanners would not cope with three slashed tires and a shattered windshield.
  4. Creed leaned forwards and pointed through the windshield.
  5. This means that you thunder down the approach at Spitfire cruising-speed till, upon reaching a point one minute from the runway, you almost stop the aircraft in mid-air (sending anyone inside towards the windshield), then bring it down at Bonanza-pace to a landing which, with practice, can be as short as 1,100 feet.
  6. Paul's verdict: its simplicity, low profile and good windshield made it a pleasure to use in less than ideal conditions.
  7. Wind shielding: the burner unit sits inside an all-around windshield offering good protection against moderate breezes.
  8. And use a windshield for more efficient burning.
  9. There was a parking ticket neatly tucked under the windshield wiper.
  10. He told his friend Andy Messing - also an aficionado of Central American wars - a fantastic tale of piloting a small plane into the battle zone in El Salvador to evacuate two wounded men, almost crash-landing, losing his windshield to a machine-gunner, and all while on a secret trip for the NSC; his face was covered with cuts from the shattered glass.
  11. Above this is the red-knobbed parking and emergency brake handle, to its right the Machmeter, the windshield alcohol de-icing pump, engine fire lights (as on a lightplane, without extinguishers), single fuel gauge and canopy unlocked light, HSI, artificial horizon and g-meter complete the second row, with twin jet-pipe temperature (JPT) gauges, altimeter, VSI, turn-and-slip and second altimeter below.
  12. The painted finish on the windshield is charred in places but this doesn't affect its performance.
  13. Considering its robustness and the all-round windshield, weight is kept low and it packs neatly away into the small bag supplied.

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