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заниматься виндсерфингом


  1. The story reveals that Graham earns 28,000 (which surely makes him a "middle earner", in the Mail 's world) and is a member of the Oxford sailing club where he and his wife "are understood to windsurf regularly".
  2. The unknown adds spice to the adventure whether it is a relative newcomer's first trip to windsurf on the sea, or a move to a place that produces more of a challenge with better waves for an aspiring expert.
  3. Here you can windsurf and waterski, and there are some excellent sailing dinghies, canoes and pedaloes.
  4. But there's also plenty going on - you can ride the waves on the windsurf or explore rocky caves with a snorkel.
  5. Watersports: On the Fuschlsee you can hire electrically-powered boats, rowing boats, pedaloes, and also sail or windsurf.
  6. By day you can waterski, windsurf, parasail or take a trip in a fishing boat to one of the outlying islands; by night, enjoy a leisurely drink in an open-air bar or dance the night away in some pulsating disco.
  7. LEVEL 1 Learn to windsurf
  8. However, although rivers and estuaries helped to form these beaches, they also provide a major threat to those who windsurf from them.
  9. Fed by warm springs, this is a natural haven for swimmers and you can also row in a hire boat, windsurf or fish.
  10. There'll also be the infamous Club 18-;30 beach party, the hilarious Reps' Cabaret, a visit to the beautiful waterpark and a Windsurf safari.
  11. Skiing takes place only in the morning as the snow tends to become too soft in the afternoon, but after a morning skiing in glorious sunshine, you can then sunbathe in the afternoon, or water ski and windsurf at Zell am See.
  12. Four other centres specialise; Paxos runs Dinghy Sailing only, while Vassiliki, Finikounda and Yalikavak specialise with Windsurf holidays.
  13. I'm sure that if I'd had this excellent book when learning to windsurf my progress would have been much faster.

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