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Перевод: windswept speek windswept

не защищенный от ветра; открытый всем ветрам


  1. The sun rose magnificently over one of these slopes, warm hues glistening off the windswept, spiky blue ice.
  2. ESTEFANIA KNUTH was a resounding four shots better than any of the other returns with a 73 after a wet and windswept first qualifying day at the French Juniors Championship here last night.
  3. John Small farms 1,000 acres of windswept plateau 15 miles south of Bristol.
  4. Sent away to prep school at eight, he was lonely and homesick and no sooner had he settled in than he moved to public school, to Gordonstoun, a bleak and desolate place on the windswept north-east coast of Scotland, with a regime to match.
  5. Into this cluttered little office - on a wet and windswept Monday morning in 1974 - burst five of its personnel.
  6. The mountains had now been left behind, and we were in flat, windswept country, the bare trees all bending one way.
  7. This community is characteristic of windswept and could-ridden plateaus and hilltops in cold and humid north-west Britain.
  8. Similarly, the broad, low, peat-covered plateaux of central and north Lewis is repeated only in central North Uist where it resembles similar extensive, windswept and empty surfaces in mainland Sutherland and Caithness.
  9. Up the long slow hill from Sherborne, over the main Oxford to Bath road, there are bleak, windswept wolds, flat as a pancake, crossed at this point by a narrow and perfectly straight road.
  10. BARRY LANE produced a best-of-the-week 66 to come from eight behind to force a tie with Jose-Maria Canizares (74) in the Rome Masters at windswept Castelgandolfo yesterday, only to lose out at the fourth play-off hole.
  11. It's rugged and sometimes windswept, but we love the remoteness.
  12. One of the sites chosen was a particularly spectacular peak called Mullwharchar in the Galloway Hills of South Ayrshire, whose barren, windswept slopes rose to the south of the bleakly named Loch Doon.
  13. It was most noticeable at the annual conferences, held in windswept seaside resorts in early October.

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