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Перевод: windward speek windward

наветренный; с наветренной стороны;
против ветра;
наветренная сторона


  1. By rocking back on your heels, the weight will be transferred to the windward side and the board will turn into the wind.
  2. This will cause both feet to rest on the windward rail, making it difficult to keep the board level.
  3. Although Il Moro led for the first two legs, New Zealand showed her fearsome ability to climb to windward when she squeezed up from underneath Il Moro to take the lead at the third mark.
  4. This skeg is not particularly good to windward, so for course racing large racing fins are favoured.
  5. Lovebird came from St Vincent, one of the smallest of the five large Windward Islands.
  6. Once the board has started to turn, move back on the board and apply weight to the windward rail, as Peter Harts is doing here
  7. The call was a complex one, involving overlapping rules covering who gives room to whom at the final windward mark.
  8. The footstraps being too tight, causing all the weight to fall on the windward side.
  9. Key Points Angle the rig forwards and across the board; keep low; depress windward rail; kill turn by moving forwards; use an efficient rig change.
  10. The EC market is nationally segmented, with Britons eating fruit from Jamaica and the Windward Islands and the Spanish the Canaries crop.
  11. The front foot should be on the windward edge and well weighted.
  12. To protect evergreens from wind burn and desiccation in the winter, erect a windbreak made from a fine-mesh net placed on the windward side
  13. Launching from the smallest of waves, more lift can be gained by lifting the windward rail thus enabling the wind to catch under the board.

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