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Перевод: windy speek windy

ветреный; обдуваемый ветром; пустой; болтливый; многословный; испуганный; несерьезный; вызывающий пучение живота; страдающий метеоризмом;


  1. "A sepulchre of windy shams" says Hewlett, squaring up in excellent form to the classical urbanity of San Biagio.
  2. That Monday morning was particularly wet and windy, with a grey mantle of mist shrouding the slopes of Hecla and Beinn Mhor.
  3. As he reached the top of the earth bank where it overlooked the "Windy Ridge" car park, he stopped for a breather.
  4. The narrow lane ended abruptly in the yard of the "Windy Ridge" public house.
  5. Because of its narrow shape, six miles in length, north to south, Hope can be very windy.
  6. The incontri take place on street corners, in works canteens, in the palazzi of the rich, in the corners of humble bars, and before panels of windy interlocutors in hundreds of television and radio studios.
  7. It all seems to offer a breathtaking array of choice yet in practice the schedules too often present the same glum menu of badly dubbed westerns, trivial game shows, long and justly forgotten Neapolitan comedies of the 1960s or windy discussion programmes.
  8. If you go much faster than that it gets windy very quickly, although the heater can still turn the cabin into blast furnace.
  9. WINDY Loch Assynt lies a few miles from the coast, near the picturesque fishing village of Lochinver; surrounded by a ridge of mountains eleven miles in length, none of which drop below 2,000 feet, crowned by Sutherland's highest peak, mighty Ben More Assynt.
  10. Gull against the wind, in the windy straits
  11. A large crowd came to see the rally start at White Waltham on a cold and windy March 25 last year.
  12. for the winter traveller the climate is harsh, very cold, very windy and very close to the sea.
  13. Catches are better on windy, moonless nights.

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