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Перевод: wine speek wine

вино; цвет красного вина; студенческая пирушка;
пить вино; поить вином; угощать вином


  1. By Malcolm Gluck YOU CAN date your descent (or, if you prefer, ascent) into louche living from the moment champagne ceases to be merely sparkling wine of uniform effervescence and taste and becomes individual bottles of wine to be judged against others of like manufacture.
  2. A decree of the Senate was passed in 186 BC, ordering the destruction of sanctuaries of Bacchus, the god of wine (Greek, Dionysos), and banning his worship, but the growth of the Italian wine trade and the personal involvement in it of many of Rome's leading senators ensured the god's recovery.
  3. Brians Dark won the Best Mild award, Cains Bitter the bitter category, Bathams Best Bitter won its class, Fuller's ESB came top in the Strong Bitter section and Theakston's Old Peculier the Old Ale and Barley Wine class.
  4. This bounty was reflected in the Gasthof Lwen's wine list on which there were eleven local wines.
  5. The strong flavour of the sardines would suit an elegant red wine, such as Sainsbury's Utiel Requena, 1988, Vina Calderon, 2.85 ripe, fruity and oak aged.
  6. We have tapped the very essence of the wine that wells from our own souls and there is no wine like the wine from the grapes of mystical vineyards.
  7. They were standing at the bar with their first glasses of wine in front of them.
  8. Like a wine connoisseur who only has to sniff the vintage to know how good it is, a cat can learn all it wants to know without actually trying the food.
  9. Three meals a day are pre-ordered, wine and mineral water included.
  10. At seven p.m. she entered the wine bar where she had arranged to rendezvous.
  11. He sat, a wine cup clenched firmly in his hands, as he stared through a window into the gathering darkness.
  12. High Church Protestants believe there is a spiritual presence at communion which is received with the elements of bread and wine.
  13. Lunch was ready, Bodo, pressed to stay, was persuaded, two bottles of wine were opened, a good, warming goulash brought in, and then, as Herr Nordern rather ceremoniously raised his glass to offer a toast, the telephone rang.

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