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Перевод: wineglass speek wineglass

рюмка ; бокал ; фужер ; четыре столовых ложки (мера)


  1. Pour the wine into a large wineglass and add the mineral water.
  2. A very pretty young woman, smiling shyly, her eyes dipped and her hand extended to touch the stem of a wineglass, is being warmly appraised by a burly, middle-aged man in a hat and overcoat.
  3. Robert picked up a wineglass from the low table that stood between them and scratched with a fingernail at the dry stain on the bottom of the glass.
  4. "You haven't answered the question," she prodded, turning an empty wineglass in her hand.
  5. The expected fourth guest, Miles Lessingham, had unaccountably failed to arrive, but Alice Mair hadn't rearranged her table and the empty chair and unfilled wineglass were uncomfortably evocative of Banquo's ghost.
  6. She went back into the kitchen and (she recalled this later with surprise), laid a cloth upon the table, set out plates, knives, forks, a wineglass, bread, butter, cheese, apples.
  7. He poured himself another, swilled it down with a grim smile and cradled the empty wineglass in his hands.
  8. On the other hand, lifting a genuine wineglass a few feet in the air by sheer mental energy required several hours of systematic preparation if the wizard wished to prevent the simple principle of leverage flicking his brain out through his ears.
  9. Robyn picks her way across the floor, putting her shapely boots down carefully in the spaces between books, back numbers of Critical Inquiry and Women's Review , LP albums by Bach, Philip Glass and Phil Collins (her musical tastes are eclectic) and the occasional wineglass or coffee cup, to the desk.
  10. Susan watched her wineglass as Luke filled it.
  11. I am a woman scorned, she thought now, in the private room in the Savoy, lifting her wineglass, sipping without tasting.
  12. All that betrayed her was the slight tremor in the hand holding her wineglass.
  13. She lay propped up in pain and wondered when it was she had begun to loathe her body - she who had always been so proud of her figure and liked to pirouette in front of the glass after stepping from her clothes, admiring the slim smoothness of her thighs, the trim concavity of her belly, the neatness of her breasts, her skin with the sculptured texture of marble, her neck slender as the stem of a wineglass, and the bound-up hair in which fire lurked and leaped.

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