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винный завод


  1. Our modern winery produces wines which have won international Gold Awards.
  2. If a Champagne house buys its requirements in the form of must (as opposed to grapes), dbourbage might well take place at both the presshouse and the winery.
  3. Adjacent to the Winery you will find a selection of Period Oak Country Furniture, displayed in an Attractive Setting, Complemented by a selection of Paintings Ceramics.
  4. That is, until one of Penfold's Australian winemakers poled up at Geyser Peak winery in California and realised the price of Chardonnay was so high around the Sonoma Valley he'd never manage to make a 4.99 class white for our market.
  5. Vineyard walkabouts, conducted tours, winery visits, English Wine exhibition, wine tastings plus a summer programme of events ( craft fairs, art exhibitions etc ).
  6. Kodru 1987 (from the Krikova winery) is a ripe, juicy wine with bags of fruit, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (4.49 from Grog Blossom).
  7. Vineyard trail and tour of the winery including two tastings.
  8. In the winery
  9. Lunches, cream teas, special dinners in gardens or unique Winery Restaurant.
  10. The estate offers individual trails*, guided tours of vineyards, modern winery and a wine tasting.
  11. Dbourbage , or cleansing, of the must can take place at either the presshouse or the winery and is, in its simplest form, merely a resting of the must to enable the particles of skin and other impurities to settle on the bottom of the vat.
  12. Carr Taylor's Winery, one of England's foremost, gained another 10 trophies and medals, both nationally and internationally, in 1991.
  13. Barnsgate Manor has a 12 acre vineyard, a llama herd, donkeys, a museum, winery, tearooms and restaurant.

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