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Перевод: wineskin speek wineskin

бурдюк ; мех для вина


  1. Making sure his wife did not see him, he pulled a wineskin from underneath his cloak and took a generous swig.
  2. I sipped from a wineskin, remembering Mathilda's warm charms and waiting for Sir John to come.
  3. The Weasel picked up the empty wineskin.
  4. Cranston was full of good cheer, aided and abetted by an apparently miraculous wineskin which never seemed to empty.
  5. I sat, dozed, slurped from the wineskin, said a few prayers and kept my eyes fastened on the Lady Chapel.
  6. Columbus crashes about outside the cathedral waving a wineskin.
  7. The guard did not challenge us and we followed the faint trackway till Benjamin reined in and offered me a bulging wineskin.
  8. I got up and drained the rest of the wineskin.
  9. They walked to her car: two lean and amazing dogs, one lean and amazing girl, and the old bladdery wineskin.
  10. I took a wineskin and went through the alleys and byeways of Leicester to Greyfriars Church.
  11. But the servant returned with a wineskin, and at a signal poured a liquor from it into the horn vessels.
  12. Benjamin forced a wineskin between his lips, urging him to drink.
  13. Instead he took the wineskin from the horn of my saddle and forced me to drink.

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