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Перевод: wing speek wing

крыло; рука ; фланг ; флигель ; крыло дома; крайний нападающий; эскадрилья ; авиакрыло;
снабжать крыльями; подгонять; ускорять; лететь; ранить; пускать


  1. Room must be left on the upwind side in case there is a cable break or premature release, and on the down wind side in case the wing touches and causes a swing that way.
  2. Some people think that holding the wing down or putting a tyre on the wing will stop the glider blowing over.
  3. The infectious diseases wing was being personally funded by his brother.
  4. "Sit down, ma'am that's it, take the wing chair."
  5. They will be standing against Mrs Thatcher, Mr Heseltine and several right wing multilateralist Labour MPs on a joint Women for Life on Earth/Ecology label.
  6. "We've been taken under somebody's wing."
  7. I need to replace the rear nearside body panel (rear wing) on my SWB IIA.
  8. But she was a kind-hearted girl and, besides, it always paid to be attentive to patients in the private wing.
  9. But, ironically, it has recently opened a wing for old people, one of the most modern in Europe.
  10. They will have to provide the chauffeurs with somewhere to sleep and are having to build an extra wing.
  11. It will also need to overcome some of the gull wing's snags - for example it is impossible to open in a crowded car park.
  12. Fly over the solitary rock, wandering dove, snowy wing like the sacred host, wing as weightless as a snow-flake: divine wing, snow-flake, lily, host, mist
  13. The north wing of the school would have made three extra units, but as it was rented out to the health club, the new owners decided to maintain this arrangement.

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