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Перевод: winged speek winged

крылатый; быстрый; окрыленный


  1. Across your eyes - one by one, winged in stillness
  2. Bore a shallow recess with the winged bit and, using the central pilot hole as a guide, drill the workpiece to take a steel screw that matches the one on the back of the nameplate.
  3. Indeed, a winged dagger was the S.A.S. badge, originally conceived, it is said, as the sword of Damocles.
  4. The Winged Cobra is representative of the transcendental nature of higher consciousness or total spiritual enlightenment, and as such the image adorned the entrance to all sacred temples and schools of initiation in Egypt.
  5. This was Ursula of the long blonde hair and double-barrelled baronial-barbaric surname (withheld by Behrens), who had fled what survived of ancestral estates - on one view of the matter - and had made her courageous way across Europe, shot at and winged by border guards, to Vienna, and on to London, where she fell among art historians and was counselled by Anthony Blunt.
  6. Julia P. Herzberg, who calls these pictures "representations of winged beings at once military, aristocratic and religious, gives this explanation of their raison d'tre:
  7. In the sky behind him was the grey shadow of a winged death skull.
  8. But there were evenings when the fire burned brightly and Aunt Louise sat in her winged chair, her skirt turned back to toast her knees; while having made up the fire I knelt on the hearthrug, loath to leave the fierce heat of the flames.
  9. I entered one full of nuns, their winged white coifs illuminating the dim interior, making it like a candle-lit church.
  10. Winged with all cunning in man's ken;
  11. For instance, his winged sandals helped him to steal cows belonging to APOLLO, and his wit ensured the stock walked backwards so that no trace of their movements could be found.
  12. Many of these mature offspring of the root form work their way to the surface and those which are winged fly off in search of new vines.
  13. There are, however, four distinct stages in the development of phylloxera, all of which belong to the same Phylloxera vastatrix life-cycle: the sexual, the leaf, the root and the winged form.

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