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  1. Then the white, wingless creatures crawled away.
  2. The aphids are wingless so it is safe to take the shoot out of the cage and watch the aphids.
  3. In Drosophila the segmentation genes paired and gooseberry are required for a proper wingless and engrailed expression.
  4. For a world that desperately needs to find new ways of feeding itself, there'll be disease-resistant crops, super-woolly sheep and wingless chickens the size of Mini Metros.
  5. Place a greaseband round the trunk of apple trees to catch the wingless female winter moth as it crawls up the tree from the soil in an attempt to lay its eggs.
  6. Their numerous wingless progeny weaken and distort young plant growth as they feed, spread virus diseases and produce sticky honeydew which disfigures leaves and encourages sooty mould.
  7. A consequence of the reduced paxb expression in the posterior midbrain (and the interference of the antibody with the paxb protein) seems to be a downregulation of two other genes in this region, wnt-1 ( Drosophila homologue: wingless) and eng-2 (Drosophila homologue: engrailed).
  8. Most insects have six legs in three pairs, and are equipped with wings (a number of primitive forms are wingless).
  9. The young larvae, hatching from the queen's eggs are potentially of both sexes, but the queen's pheromones with which they are fed by the workers inhibit their development and they remain sterile, wingless and blind.
  10. Like the leaf form (only smaller), the root form is a wingless insect.
  11. The wingless workers tend these flying males and queens in the nest, sometimes for several weeks.
  12. The author of the book had argued that evolution was a product of desire: a wingless animal, unconsciously, wants to fly - it wills a wing, a pair or wings, or a longer neck to reach the trees, or swifter legs to escape its predators.
  13. As technology improves, there'll be disease-resistant crops, super-woolly sheep and wingless chickens the size of Mini Metros

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