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Перевод: wingspan speek wingspan

размах крыла


  1. There was a dreadful, fetid stench on the air and the creature swooped across the workshops, the wingspan of its great jagged wings immense.
  2. This eight-engined monster is made of spruce and has a wingspan of almost 100 metres.
  3. There were several species, most were about the size of those living today but with the dragonflies as with millipedes and other groups that have pioneered a new environment, the absence of competition allowed some early forms to develop to an enormous size, and dragonflies eventually appeared with a wingspan of 70 centimetres, the largest insects ever to exist.
  4. Well, I said, it was about so long - hands out at just beyond shoulder width - and about this much across the wings - hands now indicating a fair wingspan of several feet - and it was grey, well, greyish.
  5. We had just cleared a jungle overhang, and slipped beneath it like a snail under a mushroom, when we awakened an enormous colony of giant fruit bats - the flying foxes with a wingspan of over three feet.
  6. Their wingspan exceeds that of an albatross.
  7. The largest living insects today are not longer than about 30 centimetres - the wingspan of exceptional specimens of the atlas moth, and the length of the largest of the stick insects.
  8. MONARCH butterflies - with their spectacular black, brown and orange colouring and their 10cm wingspan, are among the world's most famous insects.
  9. The landscape changed from the lushness of the Urubamba valley into the sweeping emptiness of bare hills, the sky holding the rare fleck of a red-backed hawk or the huge wingspan of the black-chested buzzard eagle.
  10. In any case winged insects were well established by the Carboniferous, when some of the giant "dragonflies" (not really a close relative of the living species) had a wingspan of tens of centimetres.
  11. This would mean that the "doves" had a wingspan slightly in excess of forty yards.
  12. Pepsis, a giant among wasps with a six-inch wingspan, lives in South America and grapples with bird-eating spiders as big as a man's hand.
  13. In all, a dozen hawks, buzzards and other birds of prey, including a Steppe Eagle with a wingspan of over six feet, took part.

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