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Перевод: wink speek wink

моргание; подмигивание; миг ; дремота ; короткий сон;
моргать; мигать; мерцать; подмигивать; перемигиваться


  1. So, in order to lure the winners of the PPA awards along to the chosen banqueting room, the association has to tip the wink to likely winners.
  2. I didn't sleep a wink .
  3. Probably to wink at the office shit, crossing her swishing legs.
  4. A real let down, especially after all I had heard about it, not to mention all that nudge nudge wink wink from the son of the house in East Ham where I had found a room, and so much eyebrow raising and snorting from the father.
  5. Finally, he showed me off the premises with the injunction, accompanied by a theatrical wink, that I should get straight on to him if I ever had any bother.
  6. "We must make sure we get there before the start of the programme," said Maggie, giving Susan a wink.
  7. At the door his father turned to wink familiarly at Madeleine.
  8. "I went for a stroll down the river bank," replied Yanto, with a wink.
  9. A wink at the crowd?
  10. "Can't get a wink."
  11. He caught Billy's eye with a wink and jerked his head towards the door.
  12. He couldn't actually tell me what was going on because that would put him in shtuck but he was trying to tip me the wink.
  13. But he had already left the cell and, with a parting wink of his fat kindly face, shut the door.

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