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Перевод: winking

мерцающий; моргающий;
моргание; мигание; короткий сон; дремота


  1. "Then he's made a profit," said Miss Jarman, winking at her.
  2. When I began to be seen around camp with a new face, I was subjected to a lot of nudging and winking from those who didn't know the facts, and people came up to me with knowing smiles on their faces, saying, "I see you've got a new boyfriend!
  3. But the winking smile we had shared over "las chicas con ojos como estrellas" had loosened him up.
  4. The film closed gently, at night, the lights winking along the Beirut skyline.
  5. With government nudging and IBA winking, the ITV companies are leading what Channel 4 chief executive Michael Grade describes with alarm as a "cavalry charge" towards sponsorship.
  6. Addressing herself to Jos, but winking at Mungo, Alice said: "Well, just you mind you behave yourself now."
  7. Worse () motion, even the winking of an eye; exertion is impossible, they keep perfectly quiet and still, in the dark too because worse () by light.
  8. Compared with Charity, he was a mere minnow capable of slipping through the net as easy as winking.
  9. It was not only on Central American airstrips that winking went on, but all over Washington.
  10. The sky was dark now, the city and the domes a blaze of winking lights around them.
  11. Among humans, social bonding includes everything from nodding, winking and shaking hands, to having a good cuddle.
  12. An enormous powder blue car, gleaming and new, its plentiful chromium winking in the sunlight, was drawn up in front of the house and against it leaned a man in a white suit.
  13. Overgrown hair stuffed into a baseball cap, gold stud winking in her left nostril, face unblemished by make-up.

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