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  1. It is the emblem of an all-male club which raises money for charity by fining members 10p if they aren't carrying their shell when they hear the Freudian rallying cry "Winkle Up."
  2. Opinion and fashion had changed: to talk of the "district general hospital" now stamped the speaker as a Rip Van Winkle.
  3. Thus the star of the show is the mock-up of a banquet complete with the extraordinary salt cellars he commissioned from the Regency silversmith Paul Storr - a crab and winkle here, a triton or braying donkey there, all of gold.
  4. But Mr Fitzwater refused to go into details on the various compromises being suggested to winkle Noriega from his refuge.
  5. He sets out with three members of the Club, Tupman, Snodgrass, and Winkle, to observe the world and record their adventures.
  6. Dressing up as a 50's teenager is encouraged but by no means compulsory and any man dusting off his dad's winkle pickers gets an award for merit!
  7. contentious editor of the Tory Eatanswill Gazette , married to the domineering Mrs Pott , with whom Pickwick and Winkle stay during the Eatanswill election; he and Slurk of the Independent are obsessed by their rivalry in print, and on one occasion come to blows, afterwards resolving that their "deadly hostilities" shall be fought out only in their papers.
  8. Its beginnings partly account for the novel's loose picaresque form, recounting a series of adventures of Mr Pickwick and his friends (Snodgrass, Winkle, and Tupman), although the initiation of Mrs Bardell's breach-of-promise action provides a continuing plot-interest, and Mr Pickwick is transformed from the conventional comic figure of the early chapters by his connection with Sam Weller.
  9. The Saltash Fair and pageant was a popular event of the 1930s, revived in the 1950s as Winkle Fair with "King Cockle".
  10. This originated from the story of Rip Van Winkle, which was filmed for the cinema at this site many years ago.
  11. To the right you can also see Winkle Island - an island in the middle of the road with a statue of a winkle.
  12. Candidate Florio and his blonde wife, Lucinda, had no choice but to pose with the property developer from the Jersey waterfront before moving on past three mediocre belly-dancers, a man (on stilts) dressed up as Abraham Lincoln and an actor dressed up as Rip Van Winkle.

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