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Перевод: winner speek winner

победитель ; первый призер; удачная идея; перспективное предприятие


  1. The Reserve Winner receives a purple and white ribbon and moves up to the Winners if the Winners Dog is for any reason disqualified.
  2. Any one of them would love to take away the 1,000 winner's cheque, won last year by Bristol Amalgamation, but first they'll have to beat the other hopefuls on what could be a bumper match.
  3. Upson would not normally run the winner again, but as he says, "things are not exactly normal with us at the moment.
  4. London Marathon: Tolstikov's prizes bring little comfort in a changing world Ken Mays talks to last year's men's winner from Siberia who is preparing on the coast for his double attempt
  5. Nor should the other partner feel they are the object of the charity of some "big benevolent bread winner".
  6. Maxim Vengerov Young Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov, unanimous winner of the last Carl Flesch Competition, plays two performances of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto with the London Philharmonic and conductor Zubin Mehta.
  7. Crewe's 2-1 win over Mansfield was their first in 10 games but they cut it fine, Cutler scoring the winner two minutes from time.
  8. Now we can announce that Dennis Hurst of Wigan is the winner of the Koch clamping system, with his smoothing plane
  9. Even the most heavy-weight scientists, snobbish to the end about their colleagues, would have accepted a Nobel prize winner of Blackett's stature.
  10. At the end of a year our judges will choose the best tip of all, and the winner will receive a holiday for two in Thailand, plus 500 spending money.
  11. As an Olympic gold medal winner he already holds the MBE.
  12. The 1966 World Cup winner, starting his caretakership of the Potteries club, said: "I have not been a vulture on Mick's back - and he knows that."
  13. His mission had been planned two years ago when he worked well with stablemate Balthus, the 1987 Cambridgeshire winner, and Glover promises he has something else in the yard to continue the trend in two years.

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