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Перевод: winning

выигрывающий; побеждающий; решающий; привлекательный; обаятельный;
победа ; выигрыш ; добыча ; проходка новой шахты


  1. A bottle of 1987 Torres Milmanda, a Chardonnay wine from Penedes, Spain, goes to Judith Abrahams, London NW1, for her winning recipe below.
  2. SILLARS STALKER*, who was winning for the first time on the Flat when landing an apprentice handicap at Hamilton Park eight days ago, should make a successful return to the Scottish track in today's Levy Board Handicap (5.15).
  3. "It's designed around the principle that participation is more important than winning.
  4. As the Club Conference Committee was struggling to express this wider vision in an initial Statement of Aims, it was Philip in 1964 who produced the winning title that we all now take for granted - Frontier Youth Trust.
  5. Mike McClennan, the St Helens coach, conceded Wigan looked title certainties, but he added: "We must keep on winning in case they slip."
  6. To have a chance of winning this superb prize, just answer the three questions below and send your answers in to arrive not later than 28th August.
  7. RODGRIGO DE TRIANO may consolidate owner Robert Sangster's enviable position as the first Classics approach by winning the Singer Friedlander Greenham Stakes at Newbury today and looks a must for those seeking to land the 80,000-plus Tote Jackpot pool.
  8. "As long as she can maintain the ability to keep moving forward that fast and stay ahead of the game, she is winning."
  9. Scandinavia struck the early blows at Thredbo, Australia, with Lars-Borje Eriksson, perhaps the new Stenmark, winning from Norway's Ole-Christian Furuseth.
  10. McDonnell, his promoter Barry Hearn and trainer Darkie Smith clearly believed that going into the final round McDonnell had a chance of winning the super-featherweight title on points.
  11. Page had a quiet year in 1991; now he is ready to challenge for honours again after winning a trophy which bears names such as Sandy Lyle and Peter McEvoy.
  12. So delighted was she by this new demonstration of friendship, that she decided to have another go at winning over Rose, who was even more sullen than usual at bedtime and blew out the candle before Evelyn was stretched out upon the floor.
  13. Tom Morgan on Yahoo (yellow colours) leans across Richard Dunwoody on Desert Orchid to congratulate winning jockey Graham McCourt.

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