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Перевод: winnow speek winnow

веялка ;
веять (зерно); отвеивать; провеивать; отсеивать; проверять; разбирать; махать


  1. Despite Leon's words, despite my certain knowledge that the spirit of Francis had sailed after its living son away, down the drive, out of Sleet to freedom, I entered Leon's room determined to winnow some vestige of that poor ghost, Francis's ghost, from what I would find in there; and, having found it, perhaps my intention was to sit with it awhile uttering such emptinesses as, I'm sorry and, Forgive me.
  2. It was easy to move among this great, churning concourse, and hear all there was to be heard, and no great trick, for an intelligent man, to winnow the less likely rumours out of the crop, and be left with the grain.
  3. Again the problem is to winnow these down to manageable proportions.

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