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Перевод: wino speek wino

алкоголик ; пьяница


  1. The wino chuckled silently.
  2. Halfway through the film broke, the houselights came up, and I was accosted by a wino.
  3. And a mad old wino shouting Fuck the Pope at a party of church-goers, unaware that they are Jehovah's Witnesses.
  4. The wino looked away from her.
  5. I listened as the young man tried to get away - telling the wino he didn't have any money.
  6. "Also, I used to be an up-market wino and after nine months" sobriety, I realise what I'm doing at present is not very fulfilling.
  7. It was so easy to flatter her, she took it like a sixteen year old wino's never heard it before.
  8. Above Peter and Jane Mantle with one-year-old Camilla, and springer spaniels Jigsaw and Wino.
  9. "And who dressed up as a wino and held up the off-licence?" asked Tim.
  10. The wino, perhaps?
  11. An old wino had stopped a young man in his late teens who was carrying a huge sack of groceries.
  12. The wino pulled his clothes apart, exposing old wounds.
  13. The wino leaned and leered at her from behind the cover of the chip man's mighty stomach.

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