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Перевод: winsome speek winsome

привлекательный; обаятельный


  1. The subject was a prize-winning painting by the French artist Paul Chabas, entitled September Morn , which showed a winsome maiden standing naked, but modestly so, by the sea in the morning mist.
  2. Any winsome volunteers to take over?
  3. If Denise Scott Fears has problems refusing adults, she'll feel even more of a "heel" refusing that winsome child!
  4. At the end of the stud season Winsome returned home.
  5. He was doing his winsome act, almost fluttering his eyelashes at her.
  6. The text is accompanied by a picture of a winsome, pointy-nosed fox.
  7. Massimo combined staggering conceit, total ineptitude and a winsome, self-ingratiating charm which would have been hard to take in a toddler, never mind a beefy twenty-year-old.
  8. He looked less winsome and poetic now; his face was harder, with short hair, the cheekbones more pronounced.
  9. But Moose have got steadily better as they've gone along and arrived at a winsome pop style not a million miles from Lloyd Cole.
  10. Tawell would hack these commodities the length and breadth of East Anglia, his articulate speech and winsome ways expanding the business and reaching some of the hierarchy of that rural society.
  11. He was winsome and diffident, with a quiet sense of humour.
  12. Worst of all, Winsome had developed a large malignant tumour on the eyelid of one eye.
  13. Winsome was a well-bred Thoroughbred brood mare.

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