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Перевод: winter speek winter

зимний; озимый;
зима ; год ;
зимовать; проводить зиму; перезимовать; содержать зимой


  1. For flowering interest plant Iris unguicularis , which seems to produce an almost constant supply of delicately scented, lilac flowers during mid winter.
  2. When he told them that the Government could have used more oil at the power stations this summer and so built up coal stocks for the winter against a possible strike, but hadn't, they merely retorted , "More fool you" and thanked him for letting them know how strong their position was.
  3. To go shopping with my father and mother on Saturday evenings seemed quite an adventure, especially in the winter when, under the flickering gas lamps, Salisbury became a different city.
  4. Some trees have only one fleeting season of interest, but the winter cherry, Prunus subhirtella "Autumnalis", certainly does not fit into this category - its flowers appear intermittently from late autumn to spring and its autumn colour is also striking.
  5. In support of this view is the finding that the incidence of SAD amongst different populations increases as one passes from the equator towards higher latitudes - as do the length of the winter nights and the likelihood of waking in the dark on winter mornings.
  6. It was a wise move at a time of economic depression, when a player could earn 8 a week at most in the winter and 6 in summer.
  7. The arrival and departure of winter visitors overlaps passage, but peak winter numbers seem to be noted most consistently in January or February.
  8. 2 Carnation Milk is heat-treated and homogenised - that's why it is so much easier for baby stomachs to digest - and most important, its superb quality never varies, summer or winter.
  9. It was, without question, the coldest morning of the on-coming winter; bracing if you were heading for home or office, but verging on bitter if your bedroom was an alley or a doorway.
  10. The death rate in winter for those aged 60-;69 is on average 12% higher than in summer; this increases to 17% for those in their seventies and 26% for those aged 80 and over.
  11. Before the 1979 election the party took advantage of the Winter of Discontent to toughen its manifesto proposals, promising to curtail flying pickets, or picketing away from the pickets' place of work, and provide funds for pre-strike ballots of union members and for the election of union officials.
  12. Indeed, the most naturally farmed animal in this country is the mountain ewe: at the end of a long hard winter and late cold spring her lamb will depressingly often be stillborn, and she herself moribund or even dead.
  13. Winter

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