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  1. The lakes at Pett Level hold rather small numbers of wintering wildfowl, but are particularly important during times of passage.
  2. Autumn passage is difficult to disentangle from winter movements, which have been recorded immediately before severe weather, and the normal wanderings of birds wintering in the Channel.
  3. The levels are also important for the wintering wildfowl they attract, particularly Teal and Wigeon.
  4. From 1951 des Forges and Harber recorded Little Grebes regularly wintering inland and, since 1965, up to 60 have done so annually.
  5. Refuse tips are frequented by large numbers of gulls and the few wintering Lesser Black-backed Gulls are usually found at these sites, often inland.
  6. These ponds support a significant population of wintering wildfowl, principally Mallard, Tufted Duck and Pochard, with smaller numbers of other species.
  7. Few were noted as making prolonged stays and it is difficult to assign any particular record as a wintering or passage bird.
  8. The Arun valley, Adur levels, and Glynde Levels are now probably the most important levels for wintering duck, and the Arun valley also attracts an increasing herd of Bewick's Swans.
  9. Already reduced to one-tenth of their original extent, these served as a breeding and wintering ground for 12,000 waterfowl.
  10. The movements of wintering birds and passage migrants clearly overlap, but the records suggest that comparatively few of the birds recorded from August to October and in April stay for any length of time.
  11. As a winter visitor this species' distribution is very similar to that of the Slavonian Grebe, but there is now no regular wintering locality, although most recent records have been from the western end of the county and Rye Harbour.
  12. It seemed scarcely conceivable that the leadership had not made sufficient provision for the troops wintering in Russia.
  13. It is well known that any such sheet of water will attract birds, and these reservoirs' main importance is for the wintering wildfowl Table VI (p. 33) gives an indication of the ornithological importance of the four major reservoirs which attract about 30 per cent.

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