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Перевод: wintry speek wintry

зимний; холодный; безрадостный; неприветливый


  1. While the rest of the nation was sleeping through old films on television or being towed across wintry landscapes by wheezing terriers, Mr MacGregor was spending much of his holiday deep in thought, pondering the modernisation of the Commons.
  2. As the royal party came through the school gates, however, an entire youth brass orchestra, who again had obviously been at the ready for several hours on a cold wintry day, burst into life in the playground.
  3. He remembered the descent down the stairs, the wintry sun reflecting off his mother's stockings, the lines of cars outside the house.
  4. The Thames at Maidenhead - a name that provoked Dana's hilarity - looked wintry, and there was snow obliterating the white horse at Uffingham.
  5. The hot green South was behind me now; there were no more palm trees, and the land had turned a wintry brown.
  6. Beaming, he waves me off into another wintry shower.
  7. The minister's wintry face looked acid with disapproval.
  8. The mood of wintry intimacy is enhanced by lang's evocative track, Barefoot; the journey, however, is a slow one.
  9. When I was finally called one wintry Monday by the neighbours, she looked quite dreadful; her faced was bruised from several falls the previous night, she was struggling for her breath, her legs and thighs were painful and very swollen.
  10. There were about 100 of them on Sunday's evening flight from Bucharest to Tel Aviv, unmistakably Soviet with their fur hats, cheap wintry clothes and suitcases and quiet, mechanical submission to the first taste of Israeli bureaucracy.
  11. This is the amount that beams on average on to each square metre, even in cloudy, wintry Britain.
  12. Shafts of sunlight probe down into secret nooks and woodland hollows, just as they did in the wintry days to frustrate the birds in their efforts to conceal nests.
  13. We walked in the wintry Perthshire countryside and were happy and at peace, refusing to think beyond the present.

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