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Перевод: wipe speek wipe

вытирание; носовой платок; глумление; издевка ;
вытирать; протирать; утирать; обтирать; замахнуться; ударить с размаху


  1. If your mascara is beginning to clog up, wipe the wand gently with a tissue before applying - over-pumping adds air, drying it further.
  2. Calm down, cheer up, control your temper, wipe that make-up off, you look like a tart, look at the way you walk, don't wear those trousers, put a dress on, men can't control themselves, it's up to you to take control, love bites are a sign of a man out of control, your sister's a tart, if you lose your name no one will have you, who do you think you are, listen to her - social life?
  3. Wipe off excess sauce before throwing on the barbecue, and baste during last 20 minutes as above.
  4. "Gonny wipe ma' eyes, Jim?"
  5. In fact the United States boasted of its capacity for "overkill" - another euphemism in the nuclear vocabulary - as if to wipe out one's adversary several times over could only make the world a safer place.
  6. Wipe the wood with a cloth moistened with white spirit to remove any traces of grease or dust.
  7. Check all functions are operating correctly by pressing each selection button in sequence then close the cabinet and wipe the exterior.
  8. You can take that rubbish off that chair and wipe it, will you?"
  9. Trim off the mushroom stalks and wipe mushrooms with kitchen paper.
  10. On and on he drove, but again and again he had to stop, struggle out and wipe the piled-up snow from the windscreen.
  11. Ready-finished doors are now among those on offer and these require just an occasional wipe over to keep them looking immaculate.
  12. The lay brother was quiet, contenting himself with the dry comment that he had done enough penance to wipe a thousand years of purgatory from the debt his soul owed God.
  13. The water is likely to be spilled, have a cloth handy to wipe up any mess.

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