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Перевод: wiper speek wiper

дворник ; полотенце; тряпка для вытирания; контактная щетка; кулачок ; носовой платок; приспособление для чистки; стеклоочиститель


  1. "Seriously reduced visibility conditions" in relation to a vehicle used on a road during daytime hours may include such conditions adversely affecting visibility (whether consisting of, or including, fog, smoke, heavy rain or spray, snow, dense cloud, or any similar condition) as seriously reduce the ability of the driver (after the appropriate use by him of any windscreen wiper and washer) to see other vehicles or persons on the road, or the ability of other users of the road to see the vehicle.
  2. The RR wiper motor is mounted in rubber bushes where it is screwed to the bulkhead.
  3. on which the windscreen wiper was not maintained in good and efficient working order, and/or properly adjusted.
  4. Soft top- and front-designs could also be developed to minimise pedestrian injury once a collision has occurred, such as impact-absorbing bumpers, recessed windscreen wiper spindles, and hard junctions between bonnet and wing moved to the sides rather than the top of the car.
  5. The wiper switch on the dash is starting to annoy me, as is the headlight flasher which refuses to flash with dipped beam on.
  6. Other minor points which may be helpful would include: The position of the gear lever after an accident; what the speedometer registers if damaged in an accident; the position of other instruments, such as obligatory light switches or windscreen wiper switches; whether the driver had consumed any alcohol prior to the offence (provided the prejudicial value does not outweigh the evidential value of such evidence) and the mechanical condition of the vehicle.
  7. How can I reduce interference on the radio in my 1981 Range Rover from the wiper motor?
  8. There was a parking ticket neatly tucked under the windshield wiper.
  9. Input pulses trigger a monostable whose time period is determined by the wiper (moving contact) position of a potentiometer connected to the output shaft of the servo.
  10. The wiper contacts of the presets should be "commoned" together and a lead taken from this point and soldered to the centre copper pad on the main p.c.b.
  11. As most FFR (24v) vehicles have many surplus wires and relays fitted when in easiest and cheapest way of converting to 12v is to buy a 12v wiring loom for a civvy L/R, 12v alternator and bracket, battery carrier, distributor, coil, starter motor, flasher unit and of course bulbs and headlamps Remove the resistor from the heater fan and wiper motors and rewire to the civvy pattern This way you can now have a third front seat and not have any potentially dangerous surplus wiring If you like originality then a simple change of distributor and leads allows normal spark plugs to be used with a 24v system
  12. In an effort to discard further weight, the side window glass is thinner, there's an aluminium bonnet, a smaller wiring harness, no rear wiper and little PVC underbody protection (though the steel is galvanised).
  13. The wires leading to the middle "wiper" tag, and the outside tag (not the one connected to the pot chassis) should be unsoldered and swapped around.

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