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Перевод: wiping

размагничивание с помощью перемещающегося вверх и вниз горизонтального витка, расположенного вдоль корпуса корабля


  1. The 16-year-old whilst wiping the tears streaming from his eyes asked: "Will I ever be allowed to see my father again?"
  2. The money markets are wiping out share values, there'll be a flight of money if Labour gets in and professional people will leave too if they can see better prospects abroad.
  3. If history is any guide, the average length of a recession in the past 60 years has been 18 months, with the average bear market wiping out about half the gain made during the bull market it succeeded.
  4. She also had the costs of the case awarded against her - wiping out virtually all of the 334,000-worth of damages won by her in previous court actions against the press.
  5. The Department of the Environment, however, has previously announced that the cost of preparing the industry for market sell-off by wiping off debt and meeting environmental standards will be around 6.6 billion.
  6. His obsession with wiping surfaces had passed and he now spent much of the time sticking little stones to the wall instead.
  7. Chemicals : Used in machines chemicals replace direct manual energy such as wiping, scrubbing and scraping with chemical energy.
  8. Rock-climber smiles sardonically, wiping his mouth with the back of a hairy arm.
  9. Wiping the board clean, she began to write on it in bold letters something that would be comprehensible only to herself and Miss Harker: PLEASE HELP ME
  10. Rumours were circulating that a computer virus had been injected into software systems some time ago by computer terrorists and was programmed to break out yesterday, wiping out all data in the ailing computer system.
  11. In nervous trading the broadly based FT-SE share index slumped 30.5 points to 2,247.0, wiping, Datastream calculated, 6.5bn from share values.
  12. A WHIFF of competition sent shares in United States chip maker Intel tumbling at the end of March, wiping more than a fifth off the value of what is arguably Silicon Valley's most important firm.
  13. She vomited, but had nothing except bile to bring up, a sweat thickened on her forehead which no amount of wiping away would banish.

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