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Перевод: wire speek wire

проволока ; провод ; телеграф ; телеграмма ;
связывать проволокой; скреплять проволокой; устанавливать провода; монтировать провода; монтировать; телеграфировать; ловить в проволочные силки


  1. Beds are not always interior sprung divans, they may be built-in platform beds or a spring mattress on a wire mesh base.
  2. One is to take a supply from an existing loop-in ceiling rose or junction box to a new junction box, and then wire to the light switch and light fitting.
  3. Wire netting in effect works as an aerial, transmitting false radio signals as well as those from the transmitter - with music the most common form of interference.
  4. A metre and a half of copper wire with wooden handgrips at each end went in his pocket plus a box of bullets for his Walther in case he should be able to reclaim it from the masthead.
  5. From biographies of the separate items: the glass, the frame, the wire, the paint.
  6. "I only stole it for the wire," she said, "but now we've got it I suppose we might as well drink it."
  7. In the metal and spring-making department the floor was littered with pieces of metal, coils of wire and shavings; the surface of the floor was greasy and the premises generally filthy.
  8. The sentry appeared on the outside of the wire opposite my window.
  9. Certainly my wire is yet to get bent and distorted with use - the real durability test of any flexible camming device.
  10. As we drove westward, the bogs vanished and we were among pastureland enclosed by dry stone walls, augmented with barbed wire.
  11. Dived, pulling myself down the wire.
  12. "Not unless you put the other one on the overhead wire," said the conductor.
  13. For example, since the medieval period, wire has been made by drawing thin metal rods through progressively thinner holes.

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