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Перевод: wireless speek wireless

беспроволочный; беспроводный; радио-;
радио; радиоприемник ;
передавать по радио


  1. Further, during these years the possibilities of the wireless as a teaching medium was being explored through the BBC's "Listening-in" groups.
  2. Meanwhile, at Althorp Street, Mrs Sugden kept her wireless on loud and continuously, and on the morning of 10 July 1943, I heard from our bedroom some dramatic news.
  3. My father would not even allow a radio in the house, and when I suggested getting a TV set for him and my mother he adamantly refused, saying that the wireless had been the death of good conversation, and that TV would be the death of the family.
  4. "The news broke on the wireless just a short while ago.
  5. It was just before the Battle of Alamein - Bletchley was providing Montgomery with vital intelligence - and, had I but known it, Leslie was, almost at that same moment, listening on the wireless to "One Fine Day", and suffering because he thought he would never see me again.
  6. However, when unveiled, this scheme met with only a lukewarm response (and was disparagingly described by the prince of Wales as "resembling a 1930s wireless set") and SAVE renewed its objection at a second public inquiry in 1988.
  7. Cable and Wireless dipped 9p to 482p, the 22 per cent rise in interim profits.
  8. The crew were Flt Sgt M Morrison, pilot; Sgt A P McGinley, navigator; Sgt C Reddell, air bomber; Sgt W MacGuire, wireless operator; Sgt A Leonard, mid-upper gunner; Sgt C H Fenton, rear gunner; and Sgt M Scheddle, engineer.
  9. I have received numerous letters from guitarists in recent months relating the problems they have encountered with guitar transmitters, so this month's column deals with some of the more annoying, but hopefully curable, drawbacks of going wireless.
  10. Further along, near the harbour, is a memorial to Marconi, who with his assistant, George Kemp, proved that wireless telegraphy was feasible by transmitting signals between Ballycastle and nearby Rathlin Island in 1898.
  11. Much of the old three-letter "Q" code, devised in the days when wireless telegraphy was the standard form of air-ground communication, has fallen into disuse, apart from the familiar QFE, QNH, QDM and QDR.
  12. The proposed complex, designed by the architect James Stirling, has been described by the Prince of Wales as resembling "a 1930s wireless set".

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