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Перевод: wiring

прокладка проводов; прокладка электрических проводов; электропроводка ; проводка ; проволочные заграждения


  1. "We can think of neurons as the "chips" and the connecting dendrites as the "wiring", explained Koshland.
  2. He put it up again; maybe the wiring was faulty.
  3. The crash in south London was caused by faulty wiring undertaken by the 11 signal engineers and managers during the signal modernisation.
  4. The disadvantage is that they require a transformer to step down the voltage, which either means fairly expensive fittings (incorporating the transformer so they can replace existing fittings), or expensive wiring from a central transformer to the light fittings - low voltage means high current, so the wires have to be much bigger than normal lighting wiring.
  5. To my amazement, piece by piece, huge speakers, enormous amplifiers, old tape recorders and bits and pieces of audio equipment, along with mike stands and miles of wiring, was towed out of the back of this van.
  6. Technicians' wiring mistake caused disaster Dangerous practices and communication failures contributed to 35 deaths BR's slipshod style "led to crash errors".
  7. To put in a new light which is independently switched, there are two choices for the wiring.
  8. Some electricity companies do free visual wiring checks for elderly or disabled people.
  9. Some work, such as putting in an inside toilet or repairing dangerous electric wiring, qualifies for a mandatory grant, which means that the council has to give a grant if you qualify on income grounds.
  10. The existing wiring is left in place, and a length of three-core and earth lighting cable is run from the existing light switch (which must be two-way) to a new two-way light switch.
  11. It might be as straightforward as writing down or calling out an answer, pressing a button, etc. or it may be a task that requires manipulative skills such as wiring an electrical component or threading a needle.
  12. Use the wiring loom fitted to the later IIa These were negative earth and will fit your vehicle As this has a dynamo system replace with an alternator Connect the two A terminal wires to the F terminal wire on the regulator box wiring insulate the other wires and tape up Connect the small terminal wire on the loom to the warning
  13. With the junction box method of wiring, you may simply be able to re-use the cable for the new light fitting.

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