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Перевод: wiry speek wiry

тонкий; гибкий и крепкий; гибкий как проволока; похожий на проволоку; жилистый; выносливый; проволочный


  1. Occasionally a thin savage streak of wiry blue hinted at what the storm could really do if it tried.
  2. Back at the hotel, the festival organiser, a wiry Scot dressed in a Superman outfit, accosted Rozanov.
  3. I was told it was not necessary to be big and hefty to take part as it was often fell runners who did well, wiry types with good strong legs.
  4. Now Dr Miller can be a brilliant presenter, the energy manifest in his long, wiry frame making for admiring and compulsive viewing.
  5. One of the fields had been ploughed and our job was to weed out the wiry roots and tufts of grass that the wooden ploughshare had failed to dislodge so that the field could be smoothed out ready for flooding.
  6. A slim, wiry youth, he was one of the few who could claim a "middle-class" upbringing.
  7. The man in white is thin and wiry with flashing black eyes and black hair sticking out from under the cap, wild looking.
  8. A tough perennial, it forms a 2ft mound of wiry stems rising from a basal rosette of green, long-stalked leaves.
  9. A fat man of forty with an improbably long penis and a dense mass of wiry pubic hair.
  10. He was a small, wiry, fit-looking 70-year-old; "pure Filipino", he said and his features certainly seemed geographically correct, midway between Malaysia and Japan.
  11. Its wiry black roots go very deep and break readily, so it is difficult to eradicate.
  12. One policeman was short and stocky, his thick, wiry hair shaped into a point at the nape of his neck.
  13. A 23-year-old Glaswegian based in London, the wiry southpaw with the swarming style was voted boxer of the year last season, when he travelled to Las Vegas and beat the Mexican Javier Suazo for the IBF International championship for boxers ranked between No.10 and No.30 in the world.

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