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Перевод: wisdom speek wisdom

мудрость ; здравый смысл; премудрость


  1. When we fall in love the wisdom of the unconscious takes the lead.
  2. In his wisdom, Lord Mountbatten saw what was happening and, after his retirement in 1965, concentrated his attention on the young Prince and became a vital figure in his life.
  3. Within the world of golf, t here is a considerable body of traditional knowledge, or received wisdom, about the importance of golf club shafts.
  4. In terms of the conventional wisdom, the motivation for the new technology appears uncomplicated - improved production and so on.
  5. St Paul understood the distinctive heart of Christianity to lie in the historic facts of the gospel; the Jesus of history was one with the Christ of his faith, who was also the eternal wisdom of God in creation.
  6. In politics he is that which of all things least resembles a democrat - an aristocratic republican who thinks "nothing more agreeable to the order of nature or more for the interest of mankind than that the less should yield to the greater, not in numbers but in wisdom and virtue".
  7. "I wanted it to be unanalytical, without wisdom," he explained.
  8. On the one hand there is the lofty principle, spelled out in the inscription carved into the walls of Broadcasting House, "that the people, inclining their ear to whatsoever things are lovely and honest, whatsoever things are of good report, may tread the path of virtue and of wisdom."
  9. Three years on, Mr Garnett has set up a company - Wisdom Agricultural - to make and market the device.
  10. Much of the alleged wisdom that inheres in institutions and practice is part of what she has regarded as the flabby consensus that dragged the country down.
  11. He has respect for the almost tribal traditional wisdom of those whom he later called the "quiet-voiced elders" and their "dead secrets,, but in the end these are to be renounced or incorporated in a higher Christian scheme and vision.
  12. The Japanese boy was playing the long hole with quite masterful wisdom.
  13. Their being excited in us in an orderly fashion "gives us a sort of foresight, which enables us to regulate our actions for the benefit of life"; and this testifies to God's wisdom and benevolence.

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