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Перевод: wise speek wise

умнейший; мудрый; благоразумный; осведомленный; знающий;
способ ; образ ;
надоумить; подбросить идею


  1. If you have greenhouse or coldframe, a wise insurance policy it to root cuttings of susceptible species in July and over-winter these under glass just in case the parents don't make it through a bad winter.
  2. It is no longer wise or practicable for the odd senior local politician to "pop-in" en route from one meeting to the next and "have a look around".
  3. The Lords does much good work, contains many wise men and women, and acts more disinterestedly than the Commons.
  4. THE prospect that Brazil's next President could be a television showman with dyed hair and an ear-to-ear grin sewn in shape by plastic surgery has been firmly quashed by the seven wise men of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.
  5. The mise-en-scne showed a sad confusion, too, between a coup de thetre and a mere coup de tte : over-emphatic projection meant that each piece was ejaculated with the abruptness - but neither the insouciance nor the demotic wit - of the slices in Morecambe and Wise's justly celebrated performance, The Stripper .
  6. Some household maintenance jobs may be beyond a young husband's understanding but again this is an area where wise counsel can be recruited from the local body of Christ.
  7. At lunch I was sad and subdued, and I could hardly face my mother's and father's happy faces, or the rather more knowing glances of Aunt Lyallie, who I later discovered had put my mother wise to many things.
  8. Excess electrolytes are excreted through the urine, but it is not wise to overdose them.
  9. The Incarnation became a way of instructing the poor and ignorant in truths long since grasped by the wise and philosophically educated!
  10. They must be produced by some other spirit, and if we attend to their "constant regularity, order, magnificence, beauty, and perfection", we see that they must be produced by an "eternal, infinitely wise, good, and perfect" spirit, which is God.
  11. Extended tails as in the Dart series showed that by using indents in the outer trailing edge, the conical camber of the sail could be varied span wise.
  12. "Is that wise?
  13. In the meantime I intend to stay healthy enough to enjoy success when it comes and you'd be wise to do the

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