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Перевод: wisecrack speek wisecrack

острота ; саркастическое замечание; удачное замечание;


  1. Then it seemed that all of a sudden Rosie wasn't so merry: her laughter was forced, and she didn't wisecrack as you were passing her, until Peggy felt she must seek the reason.
  2. Well we welcome the latter part of your comment, I was going to make a wisecrack about this is our idea of getting back to basics, family values, but I don't want, I'm going to stay out of it .
  3. "By the sacred stones of Sharniad," cried Bash, "that wisecrack was your last!"
  4. The cab-driver couldn't resist one last wisecrack.
  5. Gordon Craig once said that "a bookplate is to the book what a collar is to the dog" - a wisecrack not wholly true, since the purpose of the plate is not to enable a book to be led round by its owner, or even for it to be returned by the police when lost.
  6. Alyssia narrowed her eyes, wondering whether this was an unexpected wisecrack from the other woman, but she realised that Nicole had merely taken her literally and was now rummaging in her bag for the tablets.
  7. He took command three from home and won by ten lengths, but Davies, with a typical wisecrack at trainer Gardie Grissell, exclaimed: "I thought you could train - he blew up at the water."

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