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Перевод: wish speek wish

желание; пожелание; просьба ; предмет желания;
желать; хотеть; захотеть; высказать пожелания


  1. Mrs Shapland did not wish to disclose how much she received but was clearly not unhappy.
  2. Only, I wish I had ever shown some sign of affection; I wish I had perhaps written to her - even if only a card (and even though I was rather far down in the family hierarchy).
  3. Youth Enterprise Scheme helps young people aged 25 and under who wish to start up a business or who have been in business and now wish to expand.
  4. A British film, "Donal and Sally" fictionally Presented the lives of two mentally handicapped people who fall in love and wish to marry.
  5. "We wish to see as many farmers as possible occupying the countryside," said Melinda Appleby.
  6. I wish Mr Coleman a safe trip home and a less xenophobic piece next year.
  7. The presumption behind such arguments is that theists wish their statements about God to be propositions that it would be impossible to deny.
  8. When you type columns of text you may wish to move, tap the Tab key once between each column and at the end of each line of the table.
  9. Or we would wish a society like Iran with its shariah or Islamic law, which punishes thieves by cutting off their hands?
  10. Finally, you may wish to subdivide these blocks into smaller areas, either permanently or for short periods for even greater control when strip- or paddock-grazing a ley or for folding stock over roots.
  11. On Wednesdays in July and August, steam to Levisham for 10.48 and a 3 mile walk with a pub stop, or Newtondale for 14.43 (15.14 green days) and a different three miles - although your ticket is valid for both if you wish!
  12. I wish it were to here.
  13. I wish I could remember the name of the functionary who pronounced on the news that a union vote had gone 70/30, at least three to one in favour: I would gladly lend him my copy.

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