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дужка [анат.]


  1. They come out of the heart and branch like a wishbone, one to each lung, do you see that, now the arrow direction is away from the heart and that's a vein and you'd expect that to be coming back to the heart wouldn't you?
  2. A large "wishbone pedestal" was created locally which incorporated 8,400lbs of half inch steel plate and 500lbs of welding rods.
  3. The chassis in Heuliez's first SP2 car, dubbed the SP2 WR, is made from honeycombed aluminium and uses double wishbone suspension all round.
  4. The standard agreement which Copeland's company had with such acts as Caravan, the Climax Blues Band, Wishbone Ash and Squeeze was for a 50-;50 split - a worse arrangement than the one Copeland had encouraged Sting to sue Branson over.
  5. The display was a mock-up of an alloy, double wishbone suspension system for a Porsche model due next year - the 933 facelift of the 911 Carrera 2 and 4.
  6. By a wishbone of cloud:
  7. Main aviation interest centres, of course, around a pristinelooking CF-;DRD perched upon her wishbone pedestal, and at 4pm on Saturday July 25, Norseman Park was officially opened and dedicated by Bob Noorduyn, son of the designer of the Norseman.
  8. "The guy was a bit of a throwback from the '60s and was more interested in teaching me Wishbone Ash tunes," Friedman recalls, "which was not exactly my thing."
  9. Back in Australia, I have a bent wishbone from a Shadow F1 car - a priceless present from a mechanic friend who worked for the grand prix team during the '70s.
  10. The Trooper's wishbone and torsion-bar front suspension, and live rear axle on cart springs, can't match the coil spring combinations of the rivals but, that said, it's still a good compromise.
  11. Left: Sitting on its purpose-built "wishbone pedestal", UC-;64A Norseman CF-;DRD, presides above Norseman Park in the centre of Red Lake, Ontario.
  12. That means a modified 2-litre Renault 21 Turbo engine, double wishbone suspension and a chassis le Quement said was designed not as a chassis "but as a handling" ( sic ).
  13. The Orange/Matamp GT120, the beefy 1960s British amp that helped define the sound of bands like Free, Wishbone Ash and the original Fleetwood Mac, is available again as part of the Matamp "Roots" range, with only one big difference - it's green.

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