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Перевод: wishful speek wishful

желаемый; желающий; жаждущий


  1. But it would be wishful thinking to explain away all, or even most, of the increase as an artefact of recording changes.
  2. Unfortunately, most of this hopefulness was mere wishful thinking.
  3. Should innocence be preserved, or is it just a wishful euphemism for dangerous ignorance?
  4. But that is wishful thinking.
  5. However, the title of this paper restricts reference to developed countries only, but even here the normative suggestions about distortions to prices of factors and outputs (leading to inappropriate signals to research institutions) seem to amount to little more than wishful thinking.
  6. Wishful thinking.
  7. Philosophers point out the existence of God cannot be proved and terms like good or love cannot be defined in a way that has real independent existence outwith our wishful thinking.
  8. The fantasy in "Margaret on the Guillotine" is more like wishful thinking, than the resolve to do violence, or even personify violence theatrically.
  9. It seems that Louis-Napoleon, through a combination of misinformation and wishful thinking, overestimated the strength of Bonapartist feeling in France and foolishly decided to attempt the overthrow of the government of Louis-Philippe by means of a coup d'tat .
  10. WISHFUL thinking is a notoriously expensive way of choosing winners.
  11. Wishful thinking made political partisans more optimistic about their own party's prospects and more inclined to forecast their opponents' defeat.
  12. There were three broad influences on perceptions of Labour chances: a "wishful thinking" (partisan) influence, which was the most powerful and consistent (Labour supporters rated their party's chances highly); a pure information-based influence (discussion, education, television viewing all lowered expectations of a Labour victory), which declined as the election approached; and a propaganda-based influence (reading rightwing papers also lowered expectations of a Labour victory), which also declined as the election approached.
  13. Without it, message or vision are wishful thinking.

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