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Перевод: wisp speek wisp

пучок ; пук ; мочалка ; жгут ; клочок ; обрывок ; что-либо слабое; что-либо неразвившееся; что-либо скоропреходящее; метелка


  1. Mada Joyce picked a wisp of grass from her daughter's hair and stroked her round cheek.
  2. "One day you'll come in here and there'll just be a burnt patch on the ground and a wisp of smoke where the chip shop man used to be," I said.
  3. There are moments when the performance appears to lack urgency - the opening of the finale is rather sedate, and the middle section of the Allegretto does not quite capture the "will o" the wisp" character intended by the composer.
  4. A glimpse of rough woodland carpeted with bluebells and wild garlic could be seen beyond a daisy-sprinkled lawn; a wisp of smoke spiralled up from the trees; voices carried on the still air.
  5. Thank you," she said, blowing a thin wisp of smoke in the air.
  6. In our nearest village, eight miles away, the shopkeepers turned in their beds and slept on: the first wisp of turf smoke might curl up at nine, the first tractor rattle in at half-past.
  7. A wisp of smoke was rising from the other side of a clump of bushes on the edge of one hayfield where the hay had been stacked.
  8. He caught the weasel escaping as an insubstantial wisp, and inhaled it in through his nostrils.
  9. Using a pole, fixed line, size 24 hook and wisp of fish or half a harbour rag it would be possible to catch fish an inch long one after another.
  10. In surface-living lizards, thought to be the nearest relatives of amphisbaenians, the orbitosphenoid is a mere wisp of flimsy, soft cartilage.
  11. Without getting into these deep and murky waters, let me say that problem solving uses thinking, but that solving a genuine problem usually requires some creative act, ranging from the flash of insight that illuminates the entire problem to the glimmer of light that shows a direction to pursue (and which may be a will o' the wisp).
  12. The whole house would be consumed by the fever of haytime, the fear of broken weather until every wisp was won.
  13. They get mad here after the last wisp of hay - I've seen old women down on their knees, gleaning it with their fingers."

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