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  1. Corbett was looking for a suitable place as the crowd began to disperse when Benstede returned, accompanied by a thin, stooping figure with watery eyes, a drinker's red nose and a wispy beard.
  2. She greeted us guardedly, smoothing her wispy hair.
  3. The other, a maid or tweeny in No 17, had thin, wispy dark hair, and a white apron.
  4. With his shorts flapping around his knees and his wispy , thinning hair he was almost a caricature of a footballer, but Wally could mesmerise his opposing full-back or swerve past him at a deceptive pace, before putting across an accurate, teasing centre.
  5. Strands of wispy Chinese music looped themselves around my brain like a spider's web.
  6. Co-headline appearance from two indie bands whose sound consists of a deafeningly loud wall of guitar noise, through which wispy vocals are occasionally distinguishable.
  7. While she hovered on the threshold, patting her wispy hair into place with an agitated hand and looking distractedly at her reflection in "The Light of the World", a breathless child hurried into the lobby, calling her name.
  8. A few wispy threads stood out.
  9. She was wearing a cheap polyester dress in hideous shades of brown and pink, and her hair looked wispy and unkempt.
  10. Her wispy grey hair was tied back in a bun, and she wore a cotton housecoat which crossed over at the front and tied at the waist.
  11. There ain't no clouds in the sky - just one or two wispy ones right above my head, but it's still blummin cold.
  12. Richie Collins was twenty, with short curly hair, a wispy chin beard, and long beanpole legs.
  13. A kind, gentle-looking man, the sweeper had wispy hair and soulfully expressive eyes.

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