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Перевод: wistful speek wistful

тоскующий; тоскливый; задумчивый


  1. Benny sounded wistful.
  2. It has none of the spontaneity of Barrie, nor any of the wistful melancholy that lies submerged beneath the bright surface of the tale.
  3. Sheila opened her eyes wide and fixed her father with a precisely constructed look of wistful adoration.
  4. The better of them were for viola alone, including Brian Cherney's Shekhinah, in its first performance: this alternates furious tremolando, sudden violent attack, and wistful melody, invented or quoted.
  5. He didn't tell long stories like Patsy did, or wistful tales like Dekko Moore about the time he made harnesses for the Lords of the Soil somewhere down in Meath.
  6. "Is just like Poland," he said, in a wistful tone.
  7. Grahame begins the prologue of The Golden Age with the wistful phrase, "Looking back to those days of old, ere the gate shut behind me
  8. For "prodigies" ("Mr Binyon's young prodigies") surely we ought to read "protgs"; and then it becomes possible to wonder whether the jocularity about bulldogs doesn't mark a wistful or resentful sense that Binyon and Sturge Moore ("old Neptune") might have done more with their respective protgs than merely set them to sniff and snarl at each other's heels; to question whether the two senior writers could not have established themselves - at least for some purposes - as masters of ateliers in which the two young hopefuls might have enrolled as apprentices.
  9. Then I wandered around for a while, casting wistful glances at my tables.
  10. But as the wistful cherub of 18 months, photographed at her play group.
  11. She gives a wistful version of the title song, but her Irma is more EastEnders than Montmatre.
  12. Even those who do not share his political opinions readily pay their tribute to the range of his intellect and the graciousness of his character; more remarkable still, even those whose intellectual qualities are the equal of his, but whose moral qualities have degenerated in contact with the sordid atmosphere of politics, never speak of him with an affected amusement as a religious bigot or a narrow-minded moralist; in the remarks of these latter politicians I often detect a tone of rather wistful regret, as if they were conscious in themselves of a loss for which the world they have gained has by no means compensated.
  13. During the course of a conversation, her voice would slowly fade away, and she would lapse into silence, staring away from him with blank eyes, a wistful smile on her face.

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