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Перевод: wistfulness



  1. There was a little wistfulness about these village girls when they looked at the rich convent girls in their expensive clothes.
  2. Did she detect compassion or was it slight wistfulness in those incredibly direct blue eyes?
  3. He caught the hint of wistfulness in her voice and made the most of it quickly.
  4. There was also wistfulness about Paros and whether I found it more beautiful, which I said I didn't - may I be forgiven.
  5. She smiled as Erika entered the room although her smile had that new wistfulness about it.
  6. It's only ten years since the Comedy Store opened, but already there is a note of wistfulness creeping in for the good old days.
  7. The quality of sound on his tracks is boxy, but the playing ha a wistfulness about it, showing Goldweiser as a past master of charm and elegance on an intimate scale.
  8. For example, Keith could be referred to a psychologist because he is "hyperactive and aggressive" or Andrew's "wistfulness" might be interpreted by someone else as indicative of a psychiatric problem.
  9. Shunning the sensational electricity of Glenn Gould ( Sony ), the academic care of Robert Riefling ( Simax ), and the post-clavichord wistfulness of Andrs Schiff ( Decca ), Tatiana Nikolayeva goes her own authoritative and purposeful way towards the musical truth as she conceives it to be.
  10. If Let Us Compare Mythologies is a young man's book, this is one (though still of a young man, at 26) that offers poetic maturity, whose lyrics are charged with that mellow wistfulness, that trembling of angst , that vibration of incipient guilt and the plunging sensuality of a knowing, searching man; a book whose range - for all that - is narrower than Let Us Compare Mythologies .
  11. They are merely reproducing the same wistfulness and dreamlike melodies of their first album.
  12. With a hint of wistfulness in his voice, renowned photographer Steven Meisel is talking about British model Kate Moss.
  13. Significantly, he adduced the work of the American poet Wallace Stevens at this point, a man torn between the profession of law and the poetic muse, whose view of lost faith and a "disconnected" tradition imbued his poetry with a wistfulness and a challenge that was taken very seriously by Leonard and Layton; or, perhaps, viewed by them as a satisfactory replacement.

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