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Перевод: wit speek wit

разум ; остроумие; остряк ; ум ;
знать; ведать


  1. JOLLIES The social life is a traditional ingredient of Conservative Party conferences - balls, receptions and parties abound, from a Lancashire hot-pot reception to Stinging Nettle And Fool's Parsley - an "Organic Revue" with sketch by Conservative wit, Hornchurch MP Robin Squire, on winners and losers in the recent Cabinet reshuffle.
  2. The laugh came from Sooty Hill, the Blue Boars famous wit and practical joker.
  3. But the production as a whole is a very good one - quite good enough to convey the play's power as well as its wit.
  4. Tammuz again considered that some wit in past years had programmed the machine with something other than Aristotelian logic.
  5. This was the English passion, not for self-improvement or culture or wit, but for DIY, Do It Yourself, for bigger and better houses with more mod cons, the painstaking accumulation of comfort and, with it, status - the concrete display of earned cash.
  6. But these awful songs were the soundtracks of our lives: Clair , by Gilbert O'Sullivan; Bang Bang by B. A. Robertson; Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep , by Middle of the Road; Knowing Me Knowing You , by ABBA; Gonna Make You A Star , by David Essex; I Wanna Dance Wit Choo , by Disco Tex and the Sex-o-lettes.
  7. History in this case was the product of a specialized group; and the arguments about the quality of the product were about its beauty, metre, wit, rather than about its truth, typicality and meaning.
  8. And beyond the wry wit of the lyrics, there's Howard's guitar playing.
  9. But he bowled through with his customary dry wit, unveiling a choice of award winners slightly less conservative than those chosen by the electorate the following day.
  10. A basement room in a north London squat, wild and bright with plants, hangings covering the crumbled plaster falling off the damp walls, furnished with wit and ingenuity by dint of jumble sales and the skips outside the richer homes further down the street.
  11. The diminutive midfield player Archie Gemmill once called him "the chocolate soldier", adding with barbed wit, "if Souness was chocolate he'd eat himself."
  12. One was tempted to applaud such spontaneous wit, but serious faces all around showed that this was not meant in jest.
  13. He's usually good value for a bit of earthy wisdom and wit but managed to miss his own press conference this time.

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