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Перевод: witch speek witch

ведьма ; очаровательная девушка или женщина; колдун ; колдунья ; знахарь ; чародейка ;
околдовать; очаровать; обворожить


  1. If, in a Rorschach test, I show you a symmetrical ink blot, you do not see merely an ink blot, but a bat, a witch, a face, or a dragon.
  2. Below us is the spot where King Lir's second wife, a witch naturally, turned his two daughters into swans.
  3. Anything out of the ordinary aroused suspicion, and a hysteria akin to the days of witch trials led to the construction of sentry boxes and iron "mort-safes" bolted across tombs.
  4. That old woman looks like a witch.
  5. Hamamelis (witch hazel) flowers in winter
  6. Fairy Tales by Terry Jones (Puffin, 1.95) CHRISTMAS BEST-SELLERS Based on last week's sales in the children's department of Waterstone's in Edinburgh: 1 Rhyming Stew by Roald Dahl (Jonathan Cape, 7.95) 2 Oi Get Off Our Train by John Burningham (Jonathan Cape, 7.95) 3 Matilda by Roald Dahl 4 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by CSLewis (Fontana Lion, 2.25) 5 Prince Caspian by CSLewis (Fontana Lion, 2.25) 6 Almost Everything There Is To Know by Tim Hunkin (Pyramid Books, 4.95) 7 The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter (Frederick Warne, 20) 8 Budgie The Helicopter by HRHDuchess of York (Simon Schuster, 4.95) 9 The Way Things Work by David MacAuley (Dorling Kindersley, 14.95) 10 Peace At Last by Jill Murphy (Walker, 6.95) THE YEAR'S BEST-SELLERS Supplied by Jane Churchill at Children's Bookcentre in Kensington, London:
  7. Bone-setters were regarded as witch doctors by orthodox Irish medical men, but were never without a clientele, human or animal.
  8. ALONG the north Antrim coastal path, you can admire the work of a giant, see the place where a witch turned a king's daughters into swans and sample the local delicacy, dulce, which resembles burnt tagliatelle but is in fact dried seaweed.
  9. One of the psychologists, who moved into the salesman's world like witch doctors and made a killing, was Dr Ernest Dichter from Freud's own city of Vienna, the "father" of Motivational Research, whose institute could be hired to help sell anything for 500 a day.
  10. They felt very threatened, although "opening the door of my house" had been one of the actions tried out when the class was directing me in how to be a witch.
  11. Some of their instructions included reading a spell-book in my witch's house, which had, we established, a door close to where the children were sitting.
  12. "You foul-mouthed, trouble-making old Witch.
  13. To cast Julian Sands from A Room With A View and Richard E. Grant from How To Get Ahead In Advertising as a male witch and his pursuer shows a certain imagination, even if the whole affair is complete nonsense.

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