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Перевод: witchcraft speek witchcraft

колдовство; черная магия


  1. Secret magical societies of women, including witchcraft.
  2. Serious persecution began to arise in the days of King Henry VIII who, at first, was fascinated by sorcery and witchcraft.
  3. Health and medicine, environment, labourers' rights, witchcraft, land rights and the caste system have been the subject of many seminars throughout the region.
  4. Modern witchcraft has as many "denominations" as does Christianity and, just as a respectable high Anglo-Catholic might shrivel with embarrassment at the gregarious worship of black Pentecostals, and vice versa, there are similar reactions between various branches of witchcraft.
  5. Attempts to create from English some terms that could be self-defining (for example, witchcraft for logic) were short-lived.
  6. In pre-Christian times it was carried as a charm against witchcraft, a notion which survived long after the arrival of Christianity.
  7. The beliefs and practices of witchcraft, with an emphasis on the cycles and hidden aspects of nature, the special significance of places, and the generation by such means as dancing of the "cone of power" within a magic circle from the energy residing within the human body, tie in very well with the insights obtained through Earth Mysteries research.
  8. On the one hand there are those who consider it only one step away from witchcraft, believing that the hypnotherapist is able to subjugate the will and dominate the mind of his unconscious victim.
  9. It had been something to do with a young girl being held against her will on a secluded stud farm, and there had been a mention of witchcraft and drugs.
  10. In Carmina Gadelica (1900), Alexander Carmichael notes that "St John's wort is one of the few plants still cherished by the people to ward away second-sight, enchantment, witchcraft, evil eye, and death, and to ensure peace and plenty in the house, increase and prosperity in the field, and growth and fruition in the field".
  11. Not surprisingly, a box number has to be written to for a course in witchcraft, promising tuition by the World's Foremost Witches.
  12. Rumours circulating among Gambian expatriates have spoken of a witchcraft connection, although the motive is thought to be robbery.
  13. Sometimes the accusation of witchcraft was a form of punishment for women who were too vocal about their disillusionment with men

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